[SOLVED] How to setup HP Laser jet P1102w to run on Linux Mint 20

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[SOLVED] How to setup HP Laser jet P1102w to run on Linux Mint 20

Post by eddie5903 »

How to setup HP Laser jet P1102w to run on Linux Mint 20.
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Since upgrading to Linux Mint 20, back in July, I have been unable to use the latest version of HP-setup to setup the driver for my HP Laser jet P1102w, as it doesn’t support Linux Mint 20. I also had a problem with duplicate printers (autodetection), and was unable to print on Wi-Fi, only via USB.

I finally got the printer working again on the 19th August. Below you will find the notes that I made at the time, which I am publishing here in the hope that it might help other people who have the same or similar problems.

On a personal note this printer has been nothing but a pain in the arse ever since I was given it, due to a long list of both hardware and software issues related to using it via Wi-Fi. The main issue on the hardware side being that by default it automatically selects it’s own IP address, so when you turn it off and then perhaps days later you then turn it on again you find that it’s IP has changed and the computer can’t send to it any more!

It took me a while to find out that you can set the IP manually.

Anyway, back to the latest problem. The key issue being that I was unable to print out via Wi-Fi, using my HP Laser jet P1102w, and having duplicate printers.

After hours of trial and error, and Googling, I finally found a solution.

It seems that Linux Mint is using two methods at the same time:

Automatic discovery using cups-browsed and IPP, and manual setup.

The solution is to disable CUPS-Browsed and Avahi.

1) To disable CUPS-Browsed, first run:

sudo systemctl mask cups-browsed

Then sudo caja and head for:


Then edit cups-browsed.conf by uncommenting:

CreateIPPPrinterQueues LocalOnly

2) How to turn off AVAHI DAEMON:

sudo systemctl disable avahi-daemon.service

3) When setting up the printer, try running the installed version of hp-setup (Ver: 3.20.3) as:

hp-setup -i

I successfully used this command to download the required plug-in to get the computers running the printer on USB. This trick “might” help to get the printer working on Wi-Fi.

4) Useful webpages:


https://askubuntu.com/questions/345083/ ... stallation

viewtopic.php?f=51&t=242427&p=1296046&h ... r#p1296046

https://www.google.com/search?q=linux+m ... e+printers



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Re: How to setup HP Laser jet P1102w to run on Linux Mint 20

Post by asinoro »

It will be helpful for others if you mark your topic as [Solved].
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Re: How to setup HP Laser jet P1102w to run on Linux Mint 20

Post by Pjotr »

Do *not* use sudo caja. Not ever. Not once. And for God's sake decrease the font size in your message to normal.
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