Integrate X2Go remote desktop in Cinnamon desktop

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Integrate X2Go remote desktop in Cinnamon desktop

Post by rfnreynders »

This is a question to the developers of Linux Mint.
I have been using Linux mint for many years now and it is getting better all the time. I simply love it.

To control systems remotely i use several options or software packages.
It would be great if someone could integrate X2Go, or the remote controll NX protocol, used in X2go to make the systems remote controllable out of the box.
No X2go only works well with the x - server. Reportedly that cinnamon gives x2go headache. I use the closed source Nomachine now, but as it says, it is closed source and i like OPEN source.

So is it possible and is anyone willing and able to integrate X2go into the cimmanon desktop. It would be awesome.
I now use zerotier for vpn tunneling with nomachine, but integrated nomachine, ergo x2go would be such a tremendous help .

with regards,

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Re: Integrate X2Go remote desktop in Cinnamon desktop

Post by Cosmo. »

Here you go.
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