This might help a network newbie (like me).....

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This might help a network newbie (like me).....

Post by kf4krv » Sat Aug 16, 2008 11:33 am

Howdy. First, a disclaimer :wink:...I am a *very* rank newbie to Linux and to networking.

None of the following is of my own discovery or brilliance...just something that was passed on to me from another user. I had posted a messsage in the NEWBIES forum regarding my inability to make a network connection between my established XP computer(wired to a D-Link DIR655 router) and my new frankenstein Linux computer(connecting wirelessly to the router). I could connect to the internet from the Linux box wirelessly, but printer and file sharing was a mystery to me as I could see the Linux hard drive from the XP machine but could not see the XP hard drive or printer from the Linux machine. I had basically read so much stuff that I was thoroughly confused and about ready to give up.

Then a user named chattr shared some information about sharing the printer which quickly got me printing. The technique is definitely greek to me and it would have taken me a very long time (if ever) to figure this out myself. Here is a link to that thread:

After getting the printer working I was directed to this webpage for information on getting the Windows XP shared directories seen by the Linux Mint computer:

Upon trying to faithfully follow the instructions on the webpage I got stuck pretty early on with a "command unknown" or something to that effect. I basically gave up trying with the intention of posting another message asking for help. I had made it through the first couple of instructions on the webpage and believe the very first command, "sudo apt-get install smbfs", may have been the key. Anyhow, after getting out of terminal mode I went back to half-heartedly check out the "network" and what did I see but the shared directories on the Windows XP machine!!!! :) Maybe Mint is already configured to work with smbfs but it needs installing first???????

I'm not sure everything is correctly configured and will be delving in a little deeper into the commands and problems I encountered, but at least I have connectivity between the two computers now! :)

Maybe this will help someone...and hopefully not hinder them.

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Re: This might help a network newbie (like me).....

Post by Fred » Sat Aug 16, 2008 12:00 pm


AvanceIT, among others, is quite knowledgeable about samba. I would suggest you look at some of his posts on the subject. You may find what you need already written up. He also posted a very good how-to in the forum on how to setup and use samba.

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