Thinkpad r60e, wireless dying and can't see how to reconnect

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Thinkpad r60e, wireless dying and can't see how to reconnect

Post by ithinktfiam »

I finally gave up the XP ghost this weekend and re-imaged with Mint/Cinnamon. I just use it for tv/music, so I'm not looking for much.

Install went smoothly and I could reach the internet through the wireless network without problem. However, each morning, wireless shows connected but there's no connection. The systray shows it sees the network, but Firefox can't find anything.

In addition, when I open the network panel, there's no forced reset I can find for the connection. I can turn off wireless in the settings, but then there's no list of networks or a button to reconnect. When I bring up "known networks," it does show me mine, but it again doesn't provide any manage, no reset or anything. The network is set to autoconnect, but it doesn't after I turn wireless off and then on again, and there's no explicit connect button.

The only thing I've found to do is reboot the computer. Whatever is dying in Linux seems to reset and FF connects to the internet again.

At night, it's not going in to suspend and I don't turn it off. It just sits idle.

Any ideas about what's going on and what I might check out to stop this from happening.
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