Configure Print Server.

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Configure Print Server.

Post by borgward » Sat Sep 02, 2017 6:48 pm

I am setting up a Linksys Wireless-G Printserver so I can print to a HP LazerJet 1100 printer. It only has a printer port. No Ethernet or USB ports.

I am currently running LinuxMint 18 64bit. I currently have wireless connection to a Linksys WRT 54-G wireless router to the Internet. I also connect wirelessly to an HP OfficeJet printer/scanner.

I will connect the the Wireless-G PrintServer to the LazerJet with a USB/printer cable.

I have the manual and CD that came with the Print/Server but they are Mictosoft/Mac oriented. I am wondering if there will be a conflict between the PrintServer, the Linksys wrt 54G router and the OfficeJet wireless printer.

Could not decide whether to post here or the Hardware > Printers section.

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Re: Configure Print Server.

Post by rene » Sat Sep 02, 2017 11:28 pm

This one? ... 54G_ug.pdf

No, that wouldn't conflict with anything. Basically what you are doing is setting up a second WiFi-capable printer and certainly you can connect multiple printers to a Linux system, connected whichever way. Also no conflict with your router: the printerserver/printer combo is just another WiFi-device; as far as your router is concerned, no different from your OfficeJet or any other device connecting to it via WiFi.

Chapter 6 of the above manual provides information on the server's web interface, meaning you won't need the Windows/Mac software to set it up -- although you may need to temporarily connect it via wired ethernet to your router, since it seems to predate WPS. Make note of the IP it gets when connected through wired ethernet in your router's interface, say, then just go to This is assuming the server's still set for DHCP; if not, you need to know it's IP, or reset it to factory defaults first.

What it by the way also seems to predate is WPA2; make sure your router is setup to allow WPA and/or WEP. The USB-to-parallel adapter might introduce a wrinkle in so far as automatic model-recognition by the server is concerned but that'll probably work out. Seems like a fun little device....

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