Atheros AR9285 Toshiba NB205 intermittent

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Atheros AR9285 Toshiba NB205 intermittent

Post by brvcf » Sat Jan 06, 2018 2:21 pm

Situation: Mint XFCE 18.3 installed on Toshiba NB205. Dual boot with Windows 7 starter
Access point A: I enter password, connects to access point, but after a while the connection fails. When I try to reconnect, it appears as if the password is wrong. Several tries, no luck. Initial connection might work again at some later time after the netbook has been off and back on, but then fails as before.
Access point B: Could not even initially connect using known good password.
Both locations, it appears as if the adapter is on and working because it detects several nearby APs. Of course I don't know the passphrase for any of them so I can't try connecting.
Wifi seems to work OK in Windows 7.
Netbook has latest BIOS.
This does not appear to be the same problem as described in viewtopic.php?t=228054. Wireless adapter does not appear to be turning off. Just having problems connecting. Encryption problems, I think.

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