ALFA AWUS036NH not being recognised

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ALFA AWUS036NH not being recognised

Post by mark_coder » Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:06 pm

Hi everyone,

hope someone is experienced in dealing with following problem.

I purchased ALFA AWUS036NH wireless adapter only to learn that my Linux Mint computer won't recognise it. The LED comes on when plugged in but I suspect
that only confirms that the adapter is on or that the power is coming through. It is detected on Kali Linux by default. It was plug & play on Kali but not Mint.

I got a CD with drivers for it but the installation involves tweaking network card parameters which I'm not comfortable with doing, to be honest.
I don't mind tweaking stuff I don't fully understand but in this case there's also a risk that I won't be able to undo my tweaks in case it fails.

Is there any package I could download and install that would do the heavy lifting for me ?

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