Ad-Hoc not working

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Ad-Hoc not working

Post by bbuske » Wed Sep 26, 2018 1:46 pm


here is the scenario: Got a laptop and I got a PC. PC is connected most of the time by cable, but also has WiFi adapter. I would like to establish a network connection (ad-hoc) between the computer and the laptop over wireless, while the computer is connected to the internet over cable. The laptop does not necessarily need internet during this ad-hoc connection. I can connect it over wireless to the network for that. Still, if it also has internet, its fine.

Now, why would I want to do that and don't just connect both computers to the same network over wireless or with cable? I know that is an option. So here is some things to take into account. The region where I am living, is pretty rural, there is no cabled internet connection. I am getting my internet by tethering the LTE of the two smartphone I got. One smartphone is connected via USB to the computer, so it has a wired connection. The second smartphone is acting as a wireless hotspot to connect the laptop when needed, or to connect the two smartphones, the computer and the laptop all over WiFi. In this case the wired USB connection still remains. This works good and there are no issues.

Now, here is the hook: The computer right now has no speakers, so I am reproducing sound on the laptop. Also, both computers are connected via Samba, because I am using the laptop mainly for work, while the computer with its large HDD stores projects, code and other heavy files, to save storage on the laptop. Now, I am fairly sure, that if I send data through samba or transfer sound by tethering my WiFi, this will accumulate to my data limit. I got 120GB free each month, which most of the time is fine. Ideally, I would like the computer and the laptop to use an ad-hoc connection, between them. This way I don't use my cellular data for internal sound stuff. The CPU would still be connected to the internet over USB and the laptop if needed, could be connected to the internet by just leaving the ad-hoc and connecting to one of the phones hotspots - ideally to the one, connected by USB, so it stays part of the network.

Now, I am not new to Linux and I do know quite a bit about computers, though I am new to Mint. I have been going into network manager, went to create a new wireless connection, selected ad-hoc and did not put an encryption into it for testing it first. However, the laptop was not able to see the ad-hoc network, while it does see all the other networks. I then went to create the same connection on the laptop to see if that fixes the issue. But it was the same. The connection this time was not visible on the computer and also was't electable on the laptop where it was created.

Any ideas?


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