Dell inspiron B130 trying an Orinoco wi-fi card

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Dell inspiron B130 trying an Orinoco wi-fi card

Post by Mac291 »

I'm running 32b Sylvia on this old dell Inspiron B130, w/2GB and it's going well but I'm trying to get wireless going on the cheap. Have an old wi-fi usb that looks challenging re: firmware. Thought I'd investigate using this Orinoco gold pcmcia card I had.

I've read through some of the 65 search 'hits' on this and have a few questions. Can I use a terminal command to load a driver from my Sylvia disc? Could I download a driver that would work? Is this wi-fi card a longshot? Some of these older posts show limited success but that was years ago.

Hoping someone can save me from wasting hours (or longer) of frustration. I probably would only need wireless on this for a few months until I relocate but it's worth investigating currently. I need to 'install' iwconfig and pccardctl b/c they aren't loaded yet.



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