Wireless data transport (Intel 5100AGN) comes and goes

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Wireless data transport (Intel 5100AGN) comes and goes

Post by cdysthe »

Wireless data transport (Intel 5100AGN) comes and goes

I have two different Mint 7 laptops with Intel 5100 AGN wireless adapters connected WPA2 to my network. They both use the iwlagn driver and connect to the network without problems. However, if I either stream or download a large file the network activity suddenly totally halts and then starts again 10-30 seconds later. It comes and goes like that. There's no interruption in the actual connection itself, just in the data stream passing through. Sometimes the interruption goes on for longer. If I then toggle the connection with the network manager the download starts up again

This makes it very hard to stream video from let's say Hulu, or to download an ISO and other large files. When browsing the web it's not a problem since smaller files doesn't trigger these interruptions, only large file transfers or streaming. However, when a large file is downloaded these interruptions causes problems from web browsing going on at the same time, but strangely enough, it does not cut off IM clients like Skype.

This does not happen on a wired connection, only when using wireless.

Here's the output from mintWiFi.py: http://ceed.pastebin.com/md238fe

Any ideas where to look for a solution to this problem?

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Re: Wireless data transport (Intel 5100AGN) comes and goes

Post by Husse »

I have seen this problem in the forum and I think solved it, but now I don't find the solution
I t can very well be the router/Access Point
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