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Wireless issues

Post by gnappi »

I guess I need to start at my setup.

I have an HP desktop with two USB Wifi adapters connected (I have several and have used two of the same brand and have mixed brands), a remote HP printer, and I use my phone exclusively as a hot spot for connectivity, I do NOT have a network connection of any sort otherwise.

I KNOW that Linux folks hate bringing up Winblows but this setup worked perfectly using Win7

My problems are:

I simply cannot leave the two WiFi adapters plugged in and have one adapter dedicated to my phone hot spot and the other to my HP wireless printer.

If I use one USB WiFi, I have to jockey back and forth to the remote printer to turn it off... shut off my phone WiFi and after repeated attempts get one page to print before I have to start all over again, and maybe I'll get multiple pages if lucky. Once I get what I want printed, to disconnect the printer I MUST shut it off. Note, my tethered phone is inches from the PC, and the signal strength from the printer is strong, being only about 16 feet away from the PC.

I am sorry, I KNOW this is NOT "WiN" but In the past I was able to simply click on the remote printing device, say disconnect, then "tell" the USB adapter reconnect to my phone WiFi hotspot.
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