Proprietary Driver install?

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Proprietary Driver install?

Post by lwrver »

My laptop uses the proprietary BCM43xx wireless driver. It was working fine but I had to do a reinstall, and now I have no network access from that computer. Is there a way to download the wireless driver to another computer and copy it to a thumb drive so I can install it to the one that needs it. It's kind of a catch 22 situation, in that to get wireless access I have to download a driver using the wireless adapter that needs it. Sheesh! :roll:
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Re: Proprietary Driver install?

Post by beefstu »

if you have another mint computer running the same type (32 or 64 bit) of mint (or presumably Ubuntu) then you can do it using apt. I'm not certain what files you need, I think its bcmwl-kernel-source and b43-fwcutter which you can download the .deb by doing

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apt download <name of file>
. If you don't have another computer you can easily do it on, I don't mind downloading them and posting them here, I only have 64bit though.

Once you have done that, they are a .deb in your home folder which you can copy to the computer you need it for and run them.
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Re: Proprietary Driver install?

Post by dawgdoc »

lwrver wrote: Is there a way to download the wireless driver to another computer and copy it to a thumb drive so I can install it to the one that needs it.
Here is a solution posted by Ebere which should work for you if you have access to a computer with an Internet connection and which either has the same version of Mint you are using at home, or which you can boot with the live CD of the same version. He refers to a laptop, but you can use any computer.
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Re: Proprietary Driver install?

Post by alpha1 »

Don't we all agree that it would be simpler to have a simple/single file/archive which we can download and run on other comp?

I mentioned this on another thread also ...
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Re: Proprietary Driver install?

Post by rotum »

I had a similar problem happen to me the wireless was working for a week or two and then it will no longer work.
When I go to the network configuration in the control panel it is greyed out but it says that the driver is intalled and started in the proprietary driver install utillity. Will removing and reinstalling the driver fix the problem, or is there some other fix?
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