Printer gets Lost

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Printer gets Lost

Post by Navanman »


I am running Linux Mint 9 on two machines, both exhibiting the same problem with a wireless printer (Epson PX700W).

There is no problem in initially configuring the computer to print to this printer.
However, if I turn the computer off or go away, when I return the computer either does not "see" or does not reconnect to printer.

To print, I have to remove the printer in the printer configuration window and reinstall it - a bit of a pain in the ass every time you wish to print just one document.

Anyone come across this problem or something similar?



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Re: Printer gets Lost

Post by beefstu »

when it happens, try doing

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sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart
in the terminal, I had a similar problem. Also, possibly try to give the printer a static IP address either from your router or on the printer's config page or both!
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