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Wireless N network

Post by NumberSeventeen »

Hello LM Forum.

My Wireless G router is giving up on me, i need to reset it dozens of times in order to getting it to work right.
I have a 100/100Mbit internet connection and was thinking that an older wireless G router is not good enough.
With wireless G i can never get the full potentioal out of my internet connection.

Thats why i wanted to by a Wireless N router with a wireless N network card for my LM10 desktop.
I think I'm going for Linksys since i have to most experience with that brand.

Will it work with LM? I can't find any good information about wireless N and LM.

Maybe a better question: If I buy a WPM600N wireless card, will it work and will I get the full speed out of it?

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Wireless N network

Post by nunol »

You only have to worry about the wireless pen/card because the router doesn't care about your OS.

You have to know if the chip on that pen is supported by the Linux kernel or has available drivers.

The answer: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Hardw ... ys#WMP600N

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