Another Broadcom 4306 Install problem...

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Re: Another Broadcom 4306 Install problem...

Post by AlbertP »

The firmware of Broadcom wifi cards is unloaded when the power goes down - every OS has to load its own firmware to work.
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Re: Another Broadcom 4306 Install problem...

Post by sunix »

Hi I am a proper nube to linux specially mint,as i used to use Ubuntu a while ago,
this might not be what you are looking for, since it seems to easy, but this is what worked for me
i dual boot installed linuxmint 12 with xp, and in the end i couldn't access my wireless network, as
firmware was missing, i tried all the options including trying to unpack b43 files, then in the end

i tried Menu >> System Settings >> additional drivers.. just clicked on this it searched for my device
then suggested for an updated it updated it self and when i restarted.. my wireless was on. this requires internet connection through cable though
(connect throgh a LAN cable before trying this)

hope it helps.

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