How to install KDE

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Re: How to install KDE

Postby TomFreeloader » Wed Dec 12, 2012 3:23 am

zerozero wrote:well :lol: i'm using 4.8.4 in one system and 4.9.3 in another; there's no earth-breaking changes, the layout of the DE doesn't change as it did from kde3.x to kde4.x or from gnome2.x to gnome3.x

if you want to use the semantic desktop (nepomuk) 4.9.x works way better (i don't use it)

if you want to use activities they are "almost" mature in 4.9

i hear that the pim suite is also more functional in 4.9 (for me has always been broken and i just gave up on it - probably something i need to check again)

this is just a very very small overview of my few strong points on 4.9 over 4.8; then you have the general improvement and bug-fixes that come with every new release

as a final note some say that kwin is now a lot faster, smarter, better 8) it has been the best WM for me for long

Your knowledge of Mint,KDE, and Linux in general never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for the tips! 8)

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