Why KDE's fonts in general look so bad?

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Why KDE's fonts in general look so bad?

Post by MrRoberts69 »

Just curious...

Linux Mint Xfce 16 user here and I've noticed a lot of users saying that Mate/Cinnamon/Xfce fonts look crisp/smooth/sharp by default, but under KDE it sucks. With KDE, we have tweak the hell out of the font settings to get it right.

Don't get me wrong, I like KDE's interface, how smooth it open or close window etc, but the fonts just spoiled it all. It looks bloat in general.

I'm amazed how Linux Mint crew managed to make Mate/Cinnamon/Xfce fonts look fantastic. In fact, it is even better than Ubuntu itself.

Why can they do the same for KDE?

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Re: Why KDE's fonts in general look so bad?

Post by wheeledgoat »

my experience is limited, but is it possible you're doing an aftermarket install of KDE? I've read that when you try to patch DE's in on top of other installs, they can get wonky.

The fonts (and everything else!) in my fresh-out-of-the-box KDE/Petra install look great!

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Re: Why KDE's fonts in general look so bad?

Post by Tz2001 »

Can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing?

For comparison, here's what I see, and in my opinion this looks fine.
edit: Replaced jpeg with png as jpeg compression made the fonts look blurry.

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Re: Why KDE's fonts in general look so bad?

Post by hal8000 »

Post a screenshot, but I find on a larger screen fonts look a little "wiry"
I use TTF fonts such as Droid Sans and DejaVu and have anti aliasing enabled, 100dpi
and font size set to 12pica

These settings may not look good on your monitor but look great at 1280x1024 on my monitor.
I would also post your default resolution, whethere its CRT or LCD monitor and graphics card you

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