"False" SD Card found by the device notifier

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"False" SD Card found by the device notifier

Post by Alejandro24 »

Hi. I have a little problem with the device notifier. My computer, a netbook, Dell Inspiron Mini 1012, has a slot for this kind of storage which is filled with a piece of plastic while there is not a sd card. Well, the device notifier found this piece of plastic as an sd card and it appears in the menu of device notifier on the system tray as Generic- Multi-Card. When I try to mount it it opens the window of Format USB Stick. This is the first time that happens this, and I've been using KDE since Linux Mint 14.
It is not annoying at all, but is there a way to correct this?
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Re: "False" SD Card found by the device notifier

Post by Padu »

Same behavior here, KDE reports "Generic USB2.0-CRW", despite there is no SD card inserted.
It should be like CD/DVD; reporting only when a media is present.
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