Here we go again!!!

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Here we go again!!!

Post by pmb »


My desktop icons activating a bash script with gui interaction fail to activate. I tried bug reports and forum questions but no replies.

Will try again here.

I am using LM KDE 18 and since the last major batch of upgrades from 5.6.5 to 5.8.4 my desktop is screwed up again.

A few months ago I was using KDE Neon up to date. I had the same problem with the desktop. I moved from Neon to LM KDE and the problem did not appear so I continued using LM KDE. Now with these last updates the problem is back.

Specifically, any icon that launches a bash script that causes some interaction with the plasma gui dies.

When I launch a script from a desktop icon that tests all my sound sources, it functions as expected - no gui interaction.

All permissions are set along with executable. This issue did not exist until yesterday's massive upgrade.

When I launch a script from Konsole with gui interaction (Konsole), I get something like,
$ cd Desktop
$ ls -l
-rwxr-xr-x 1 . . . 428 Dec 17 10:23 CleanUp
$ CleanUp
CleanUp: command not found

if I try, ./CleanUp, I get,
$ ./CleanUp
./CleanUp: line 1: [Desktop: command not found
./CleanUp: line 5: Up: command not found
./CleanUp: line 6: Up: command not found
./CleanUp: line 9: Up: command not found
./CleanUp: line 10: Up: command not found
./CleanUp: line 16: X-DBUS-ServiceName=: command not found
./CleanUp: line 17: X-DBUS-StartupType=: command not found
./CleanUp: line 18: X-KDE-SubstituteUID=false: command not found
./CleanUp: line 19: X-KDE-Username=: command not found

I even tried,
$ dbus-launch CleanUp
Couldn't exec CleanUp: No such file or directory

$ dbus-launch ./"CleanUp"
./CleanUp: 1: ./CleanUp: [Desktop: not found
./CleanUp: 2: ./CleanUp: Comment[en_GB]=: not found
./CleanUp: 5: ./CleanUp: GenericName[en_GB]=Clean: not found
./CleanUp: 6: ./CleanUp: Up: not found
./CleanUp: 9: ./CleanUp: Name[en_GB]=Clean: not found
./CleanUp: 10: ./CleanUp: Up: not found
./CleanUp: 16: ./CleanUp: X-DBUS-ServiceName=: not found
./CleanUp: 17: ./CleanUp: X-DBUS-StartupType=none: not found
./CleanUp: 18: ./CleanUp: X-KDE-SubstituteUID=false: not found
./CleanUp: 19: ./CleanUp: X-KDE-Username=: not found

The issue is possibly/probably something to do with Konsole because if I remove the 'run in terminal' option the script works. Unfortunately I lose all interaction. That being stated, the same issue is present with xterm.

This script has worked perfectly for at least 5 to 10 years. Linux and KDE are changing too fast for me to keep up with all the improvements.

Any ideas?


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Re: Here we go again!!!

Post by blue_bullet »

My idea was to move back to LM 17.3 KDE as it works just fine. If that is where you came from I would suggest a return. Wait for things to get sorted on LM 18. You have a year or so. On LM 18 KDE I found someone had changed the colors so The Hessling Editor (THE) was unreadable. Autokey does not work. That was enough for me and I stopped. I agree it is difficult to keep up with all the improvements to Linux Mint and KDE. That's why Clem says to stay where you are if things work for you.

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Re: Here we go again!!!

Post by pmb »

blue_bullet thanks for the reply

I already did the switch from Neon which was mostly mature. I really don't want to keep moving because of this issue.

Somewhere, someone must have an idea what is causing this issue.

In the meantime I will keep trying different substitutions for apps.

I do daily and weekly backups so I will pull my last plasma 5.6.5 backup and add one upgrade at a time till the issue surfaces. Then at least I will know what app is causing it.

Again, anyone with any ideas?


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Re: Here we go again!!!

Post by xmanmonk »

Just noticed that the errors seem to be indicating something like [Desktop] on line 1 of the script. If this is a shell script, specifically a bash script, does it help to put #!/bin/bash as the first line in the script? And can you post at least part of the script file?
-The X-Man

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