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Re: Purge/ and Reinstall Kontact

Posted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 6:26 pm
by Conker
Your response is appreciated. I don't have internet for the apt-get commands you suggest so a reload is the way forward. This will be a few days now.
Thank you again

Re: Purge/ and Reinstall Kontact

Posted: Tue Oct 17, 2017 9:34 pm
by Conker
OK, I am running again with a totally fresh 17.3 KDE installation - which occupies entire hard drive (nothing left from previous installation)
I have got everything working well again except for - yes, that's right, kmail! KDE, Kontact and Kmail are all 4.14.2.
First message was that akonadi cannot run. That was solved by making the /var/lib/mysql-files directory. Weird that an empty directory, which remains empty, must be installed - remember this is a totally fresh install.
I set up an account to bring in gmail and the incoming is fine but send mail just stays in Outgoing folder - no error messages
What have I done so far?
1. Applied all updates via Update Manager - still 4.12.2 for the 3 Ks above.
2. Set up Thunderbird with gmail - works perfectly, send and receive. So my gmail account is correctly configured for IMAP and "less secure".
3. Akonadi Console tells me the Mail Send is online. Some users report this as offline.
4. Reinstalled the smtp part of the account and double checked everything there. Encryption on or off makes no difference to the stuck outgoing messages.
5. Due to my conservative approach, I have not installed the kubuntu-backport. The message from Mint developers in Software Sources is very explicit - don't enable unless suggested by developers.
6.Checked again for solutions online - KDE forums are full of kmail misery situations.

I am happy with Thunderbird but would like an all-kde system. A reliable email system is a key part of this right?
Any advice would be appeciated from this excellent community - especially happy kmail users (using what version?).

Re: (Solved) Purge/ and Reinstall Kontact

Posted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:48 pm
by Conker
I am marking this one Solved.
I am back on my main desktop machine and did a fresh 17.3 KDE install. After turning on akonadictl and creating the mysql-files folder I have a working Kontact system.
This duplicates my success on my (off-site) laptop which also had a fresh install.
The only explanation I currently have is that a fresh 17.3 install is different in some way from upgrading previous versions.
Both my laptop and desktop were successively upgraded from 17.0>17.1>17.2>17.3 and both caused me problems with Kontact.
My two fresh installs are performing well - after several shutdowns/restarts/updates from the Update Manager.
In the end I did not use kubuntu backports. It does not update Kontact on 17.3 (=Kubuntu 14.04) anyway.
I am sticking with my conservative approach and am satisfied with that decision. Just hope I can resist fiddling too much with them in the future.
Can't remember the poster but his signature reads something like "If your system is working well, mess with it until it is broken"
Any comments on my theory of fresh install vs. successive upgrades?