Viewing Text while hovering over an app

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Viewing Text while hovering over an app

Post by pcpunk »

Hey guys, been a while. I'm on possibly the best OS ever, Mint's KDE 17.1. I use this old pc mostly now to run Grsync and backup all my personal files. The issue is, when I hover on some of the important tool buttons it's really hard to see what function I am on. This has always been an issue but never had time to fix it, and if you look real close you can see the button functions, but it is real black, and as said, hard to see. This is the same with a few other apps but now can't remember which ones. I looked but can't seem to find them now. I also went and changed Desktop Theme from "Oxygen" to "Air" and that didn't fix it.
I absolutely love this little computer, and it is the first pc/laptop I ever owned so want to keep it running and use it for the same purpose as long as I can. I'm not sure I will even move forward with another distro because I love this one so much! I have a few other computers so it don't really matter if I keep this one on an old distro long after it is no longer supported.

Thanks, pc
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