mint kde 18 get rid of black background tooltip

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mint kde 18 get rid of black background tooltip

Post by Sam234 »

I`m use Mint KDE 18.3 and have been trying desperately to change the colour of tooltips

The default colour is white text on a black background, which I loath, partly as that combination means barely readable text on my monitor, the standard rule on the web is never use extremes of colour, so why set it like this here!

I go to settings->colours find breeze is set, edit that to remove black background, save says don't have permission, do same as root, colour is changed in the theme but fails to change in KDE! I try to edit the default, but again that is not allowed!! I select another colour theme, no effect!

I look in /usr/share/themes/ and edit all .css files and gtkrc files but to no avail (note black is not set in any of those anyway!!)

I have also tried using a local file in /home/username/.local/share/color-schemes/ but no good there either

Anyone know how to change to a different theme and or edit an existing so changes are affective.

Is there a bug in Mint KDE 18 stopping such changes being allowed?

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Re: mint kde 18 get rid of black background tooltip

Post by thunder422 »

It saying you don't have permission indicates a problem. Check that you are the owner of the configuration files in your home directory. Changing the colors as root only will effect the root user, which I believe you can't actually log into, so you won't see those color changes.

I tried this on KDE Neon (what I've migrated to from 17.3, though I still have 18.3 in a VM), and it worked no problem, but it is on a much later version of Plasma. It was more difficult on Mint 18.3 as the tool-tip color changes don't take affect immediately. I was able to successfully change the tool-tip colors, but had to log out/in or reboot to get the color changes to take effect.
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