Feedback on Gloria KDE CE

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Feedback on Gloria KDE CE

Post by srini2174 »

Hi Mint team,

This is the third consecutive edition of Linux mint which I am using. I am very much impressed by this release. Mint has become one of my favourite distro. This release of Mint KDE has strengthened my belief that Mint is slowing becoming a rock solid release with innovations in each and every release which I had tested. I would like to thank the Mint team for such an excellent release.

I would also like to place the following suggestions for future releases of MINT.

1) I found that very few development related softwares come bundled with the installation DVD (1.1 GB or 1.2 GB doesn't make any difference for me if it also includes some development tools). I know that it is very difficult to satisfy every one, but I request the Mint team to consider this in their future release.

2) One of my favourite development tool Codeblocks is not available in the repository.

3) Some of the mint packages like mintupdate still uses gksudo (I think) and it looks a bit odd.

Some Problems faced:

4) I had installed firefox 3.5 using the repository but if I remove firefox 3.0 the package manager shows mint-meta-kde as the dependency. So I do not know how to remove this.

5) I have added the Network mananger plasmoid, but I don't know how to put it inside the system tray.

Finally, I am developer and I would like to contribute to Mint development. Particularly on the packaging some new softwares which are not currently available in the repositories. How do I do this? Is there a how to on this. I am new to debian based system and very much comfortable.

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Re: Feedback on Gloria KDE CE

Post by emorrp1 »

1) that's actually an excellent idea, seeing as it already can't fit on a CD. One caveat: I would recommend only dev stuff that doesn't use an application entry to prevent menu clutter.
2) codeblocks is available in the ubuntu universe repository, which is enabled by default in the main edition, but may well not be in KDE CE. Synaptic > Settings > Repositories to enable it ( found using the Ubuntu package search in firefox )
3) I believe this was recently fixed, make sure you have all the updates (I could be wrong)
4) mint-meta-kde depends on firefox-3.0, not the other way around. However, it's a metapackage so it's safe to remove (but may make updates more difficult).
5) don't know much about KDE, but I imagine it's just drag 'n' drop
6) excellent, it's always good to have new people willing to help out. See the latest blog entry for details of how to join in: As for packaging, there's the community repository project that was announced a while ago: ... ry_Project and for more details on the actual debian packaging process, see
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Re: Feedback on Gloria KDE CE

Post by Boo »

thanks for the feedback.
once you have added the nm plasmoid to the panel, left click on the pannel plasmoid button and then you can drag the nm plasmoid to where you want to.
you can not put the plasmoid in the systray box if that is what you mean. that box is used just as place to put legacy panel apps (or gnome ones).
Earlier versions of KDE had nm in the systray but now that there is a nm plasmoid.

Now where was i going? Oh yes, crazy!
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