LM KDE 10 RC issues

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LM KDE 10 RC issues

Post by srini2174 »


I had installed LM KDE 10 RC 64bit version. I found the following issues

1) During the installation I didn't find any option to avoid installing the bootloader. I selected /dev/sda8 to install the bootloader on but the bootloader was still installed only in tbe MBR.
2) There is no way to cancel the download of the language packs during the installation. This was possible in the earlier versions of LM. Further there is a small rectangle with a "X" mark near the status bar. The "X" mark is not visible. It becomes visible only when we hover the mouse over it.
3) When I logged in to the system after the installation it was very sluggish. Then I changed "Compositing Type" option to XRender from OpenGL. This helped in overcoming the sluggishness. Only after this my system was usable. I have a intel graphics card and it was working very well with the earlier version of LM KDE.

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Re: LM KDE 10 RC issues

Post by SciFiDude79 »

Yeah, that's the wonderful Ubuntu 10.10 installer at work. :roll: This is the case with any and all operating systems based on Ubuntu 10.10 using that installer. You can no longer opt out of installing grub. I don't know why, blame Canonical for that. Also, bootloader installation selection is on the same page as the partitions setup. If you're installing grub on anything other than your first HD and the MBR, you have to do that last on that page. If you set up the bootloader and then go and make partition changes, it will re-scan the drives and reset the bootloader installation to your first HD, MBR. :roll: (I made that mistake on the Ubuntu 10.10 RC.) So, make partition changes and, when you're done, specify your bootloader partition and then hit "next" and it will save the bootloader location change.

As for the language packs, I dunno. I think Kubuntu 10.10 does that also, though I cant' remember for certain.
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