exKubuntu user's question

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exKubuntu user's question

Post by sipiatti »

Hi All,

I am an exKubuntu user ;) because I purchased new hardware and due to this I decided to try out some distros before return to Kubuntu.
But today I found Mint on distrowatch, checked the homepage and had been amazed.
I like it very much, I like the spirit also behind it etc. so I want to give it a try.
I tried out opensuse 10.3, mandriva2008, vectorlinux but no thx... (suse was the best among them but could not catch Kubuntu so I left)
My only problem that I am definetally a KDE user and I saw Mint-KDE is only in beta state.
(I could not miss yakuake, kate, kopete, k3b and others in my everyday activity)

So what does it (beta) mean exactly?
Does Mint-KDE not use any kde packages from ubuntu repos?
Can I use it for everyday using or it has major bugs?
Does Mint have additional own repos beside ubuntu-repos?

Thx for any answer in advance
Have a nice day!
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Re: exKubuntu user's question

Post by Husse »

The KDE beta is fairly ready, but has some problems
The final version ought to be released this week unless last minutes problems has appeared
If my memory serves me right it does not use the Kubuntu repositories, but standard Ubuntu (and medibuntu and some such)
Mint has it's own repositories
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