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Re: Linux Mint KDE news

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I'll be delighted if Mint KDE can come with the option of a Ubuntu base for V12 and beyond. Not everyone wants Debian or Gnome 3 :) With Gnome 3 now on the main edition and the other Debian editions already, I think it's good to have one alternative on a base like KDE. I've never had any trouble using a normal Mint OS and installing some testing/development repos for the software I wanted to update. Most of the time I'm happy with the standard repo versions, but programs like MyPaint, Gimp and Firefox, that I like to update, I can just grab the repos I need and install them.

I honestly don't mind waiting till the New Year for the new Mint KDE though. If it needs more time to be done, take the time. Especially with the holidays coming up :) The one thing I've always loved about Mint is that it comes with the extra care and polish that other distros seem to miss. It's worth the wait.
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