Where did 'Move to Workspace Left' go?

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Where did 'Move to Workspace Left' go?

Post by rossdv8 »

I use the 'Save Sessions for future logins' function on shutdown.
On three of my machines I'm using Uma, and on two I like the machine to open 'where I left off' as if it is an Activity in the old KDE/Plasma version of Mint.
On one of them, the system opens up with the various windows on the workspace they were in when I shutdown,. and in the same positions on each workspace.

On my main machine, all windows are stacked on on top of the other, and I have to send each of them to their workspaces.
I used to have Title Bar Context Menu options to:
Move to Workspace Right
Move to Workspace Left
Move to Another Workspace

After an update somewhere along the line, the Move to Workspace Left has disappeared.
Is there a simple way to get it back. It is a pain not having it. I'm sure I am not the only person who finds it useful to have frequently used workspaces each side of the main one.
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