Replace xfwm4 and xfdesktop with Openbox

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Replace xfwm4 and xfdesktop with Openbox

Postby william77 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:44 am


I have fresh install of LM 12 with XFCE.

I woud like have clean desktop with openbox and openbox menu. So "openbox --replace" is not enought.

I want stop xfwm4 and xfdesktop and run only openbox. How I can do this?

Second question is where I can add programs to autostarts? (somthing like .xinitrc?)



Well I have uninstall xfdesktop and run openbox --replace. And save session so now xfce4 starts without desktop icons and with openbox and his menu.

If You have wallpapers on desktop install feh and add feh to Menu-Session & Autostart.

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Re: Replace xfwm4 and xfdesktop with Openbox

Postby sagirfahmid3 » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:56 am

Easier way:
"sudo apt-get install openbox obmenu obconf"
Logout, choose openbox session, login.

You just wasted a whole lotta time removing/modifying Xfce. Now if you do a "sudo apt-get autoremove" your whole Xfce desktop is going to get borked. Good job.

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