Audio in Mint Xfce 5

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Audio in Mint Xfce 5

Post by mindzoid » Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:44 pm

I really want to use this new Xfce CE edition except for this one problem I have. When the RC came out I installed PulseAudio following directions I found on the web. Exaile had a skipping or static blip sound every second or two when playing any kind of music, be it from my collection or internet radio. I also had the same problem with the Rhythmbox and the other big one ( it escapes me at the moment). I thought it was something with PA at the time. When I tried the final release I found Exaile already installed and with the same problem but without PA. I read something about Exaile needing to be specially built for PA but that doesn't fix my problem. The weird part is that I didn't have the problem when I installed Mint Elyssa (Gnome) and installed xubuntu packages onto it (had PA). Mint is awesome so is Xfce. Together they're magic. Is this a common problem that can be fixed?

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Re: Audio in Mint Xfce 5

Post by merlwiz79 » Sat Sep 13, 2008 5:02 pm

XFCE is not built to use pulse audio, yet.
Even when it's installed it uses alsa.
In Exaile the volume should be around 60%.
If you turn it up too much the audio screws up.

Where did you here that it needed a special build?
I use it all the time in XFCE CE with no problems.

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