Add Document Shortcut to Panel / Spaces in file names?

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Add Document Shortcut to Panel / Spaces in file names?

Post by Lord Vltor » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:38 am

caribriz wrote:Hi TeXaCo -

If I understand correctly - you want to click a panel shortcut and have it open a Word document in LibreOffice Writer???

If so - this will create a panel shortcut to open a Word document called, for example, My-file.docx from Documents folder with LibreOffice Writer -

Create the launcher in the panel -

Right-click Panel > click Panel > Add new items > click Launcher > Add > close
Move launcher up the list, if desired
Right-click the new launcher in the panel > click Properties > General tab > click 2nd icon down on the right - "Add a new empty item"

Fill in the fields, for my example:
Name: My-file
Command: lowriter /home/my-user-name/Documents/My-file.docx
Icon: click "No icon" button > click down arrow next to "Select icon from" > File type icons > application-msword

If it was just a plain text file, you could use this command in the launcher instead to open it in gedit:
gedit /home/my-user-name/Documents/My-file
Hello, same issue here - running Linux Mint XFCE 18.2
I followed your steps - the exact ones I found myself after days and days of trial-and-error -, but, for some reason, whenever I click on the launcher, nothing happens.
At first I thought it was my problem, but seems I did it right.
Just a question: since the main files and folder trees are coming from a Win7OS, may it be that, in Linux, I will have to abandon the fancy habit to use spaces when naming files and folders? Because a lot of my files and folders *have* spaces in their names, and working from the Panel is a pain. Maybe spaces are something that breaks launchers too?

Edit: even the technique of creating a shortcut on the Desktop doesn't work; if I r-click on the Desk, I have no option to create a link, an executable, a launcher, nor any other kind of file, and I actually do not understand why I can create a launcher to a file in WinOS and here in Linux is doable but it doesn't seem to work <.<
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Re: Add Document Shortcut to Panel (Solved)

Post by Moem » Sun Jan 07, 2018 5:47 am

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