Geary is HUGE!

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Geary is HUGE!

Post by davidjenkins » Mon Jul 15, 2019 3:12 pm

Been using Geary for email for a number of years on a variety of platforms and now I'm having a strange problem.

Geary insists on making a window 1.5 times the width of my desktop, with no option to resize. I should say, the option is there when you hover over the corner, but it won't physically let me drag the window to make it narrower. Resizing vertically works fine.

Geary doesn't use the native window decoration, and I don't know if that is causing it or not.

Things I've tried:

Grabbing the corner and trying to resize.

Right clicking on the window button, choosing Resize and trying to resize.

Changing the default resolution to something larger and something smaller.

Changing to compositing. Changing back.

sudo dpkg-reconfigure geary

Lots of swearing and cursing.

Where is Geary's config file? Can't find it in my home directory (several places list it as ~/.confg/geary, but that doesn't exist on my system. I do have a folder that stores the email in my email accounts, but no configurations there.

Any ideas what to try next?

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