Xfce script to show goldprice-tooltip with genmon-plugin

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Xfce script to show goldprice-tooltip with genmon-plugin

Post by secureIT » Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:41 pm

Inspired by a solution for displaying a worldclock by tooltip with genmon from this thread :


i thought about, what else could be done in the same way.

Some time ago i came across a little script, that shows the goldprice per oz in terminal by use of a dedicated api.

As i am interested in goldprice, I thought about, to show the actual price within a tooltip showing up by use of the Xfce genmon-plugin.

So i tued it up to show more informations like price/fine/gram e.g. and created this script (may be one could refine it):

Code: Select all

# script for Xfce genmon-plugin to show goldprice as tooltip
# created by secureIT@forums.linuxmint.com
# name: goldprice
# version=1.0
# variables
# set your currency in next varible (USD EUR GBP) e.g.
# script
# get goldprice from api
goldprice=$(wget "https://rate-exchange-1.appspot.com/currency?from=XAU&to=$C" -q -O - | jq .rate)
# conversion to other weights or fineness
goldgram=$(echo "scale=2; $goldprice /31.10" | bc)
goldgram585=$(echo "scale=2; $goldgram /1000 *585" | bc)
goldgram333=$(echo "scale=2; $goldgram /1000 *333" | bc)
# attend variables with line feed to logwrite
logwrite="$title\n$goldprice $C $oz $fine\n "" "" "" $goldgram $C $g "" $fine\n "" "" "" $goldgram585 $C $g "" $fef\n "" "" "" $goldgram333 $C $g "" $ttt"
# write content from logwrite to the file .gold in home-directory
echo -e "$logwrite" > ~/.gold
# set icon for genmon-plugin
# this is an example how to set icon in LM 19
# you can set your own icon by using the absolute path to it
# so do not : ~/bin/PathtoMyicon but:e.g. /home/YourName/bin/icons-genmon/gold.png
# note: the icons dimensions may not be greater than the height of the panel, where genmon sits in
# get content from the file .gold for the tooltip and write it to variable
# show tooltip
echo "<img>$icon</img>"
echo "<txt> </txt>"
echo "<tool>$tooltip</tool>"

exit 0
note: it seems, that the api will actualize its data every 15-20 mins.

So i set the intervall in genmon-plugin to 1200 sec.

Tested and : works flawlessly ……
May be some of you would have any idea of another api that will refresh the price faster.
Or any ideas to refine the script ?
I'm happy about suggestions and any criticism of the script - or suggested solutions, how to do it better………

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