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Re: [Solved]Menu Change

Post by roblm »

One last point that you may be interested in. I noticed that the menu you were using only had the Shut Down button visible. If that’s what you wanted, then there’s a way to make those other buttons invisible, as seen in the picture below.

whisker menu 3.png

The procedure is to rename the Suspend, Hibernate and Log Out icons in /usr/share/icons/Mint-Y/actions/24 and then replacing them with a transparent icon with the original name. The icon can be easily created using GIMP by erasing the image from any 24 pixel icon.

The Shut Down button only has the option to Shut Down, but the Log Out button has the options to Log Out, Restart, Shut Down, Suspend and Hibernate. If the Log Out button is made invisible, then it can still be activated. When the cursor is hovered over it’s position, this will be seen.

whisker menu 4.png
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Re: [Solved]Menu Change

Post by LanceM »

Thanks, I'll have a look at that. I have it set now to have just the one button that is logout with all the options when I click it. Pretty good actually.
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Re: [Solved]Menu Change

Post by MtnDewManiac »

I knew there was a reason I just tapped the power button when I wanted to shut my computer down :lol: .

(I have a laptop, so that power button is an inch away from my PgDn button. If I had a desktop, it'd probably be more of a stretch to reach.)

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