Xfce Nvidia drivers

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Xfce Nvidia drivers

Post by erans07 »

I have Msi Fx 5200 GForce graphic card.
My problem is next. I installed Linux Mint Xfce debian and i dont see that drivers for graphic card are installed. Earlier i just used linux mint 10 and nvidia x server is installed by default.
On Xfce its not installed and everything is working but movies on vlc point that something is not working ok, so i suppose that driver is missing along the nvidia x server application. I looked at some guide and try to install but i just got my screen black on system start up. What do i need and how to install? Thanks for help :D
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Re: Xfce Nvidia drivers

Post by wobblybob »

Have you seen this, it worked on my box/card
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Re: Xfce Nvidia drivers

Post by mikecz »

My new laptop also has an Nvidia card (GeForce 9600M GT in an HP HDX16), and I was able to follow the instructions off the Nvidia download page verbatim:

http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-disp ... river.html

Since xfce used the nouveau driver by default I had to follow the instructions from here:

http://us.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/L ... blems.html

Specifically, Chapter 8 Common Problems, section "8.1. Interaction with the Nouveau Driver" to blacklist it and de-activate it.

One thing I had to discover on my own is that in order to run the installation for the drivers, you need to remove the package nvidia-installer-cleanup before the proprietary drivers will install. If you don't, the installer bombs out after you accept the liscense agreement with a spectacularly uninformative SIGTERM error at the command line that took me a while to figure. And make sure you add that package to the ignore list in update manager. A couple of days after I had done this the package came back via an update and it bombed out X at my next restart, though I immediately knew what to do to fix it (remove the package with apt, then re-run the Nvidia installer).

I left the nouveau drivers in place, though deactivated, just in case. ;-)

I also installed the nvidia xserver control panel package from Software Manager (I forget the exact package name) and was able to extend the X desktop to an external monitor, though I haven't figured out how to get the external monitor to mirror the laptop LCD display, that is only a minor thing that I can live without.

I am very impressed by how good the proprietary drivers look, so it was worthwhile. And it taught me a little about X hacking, something I have never been fond of.

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Re: Xfce Nvidia drivers

Post by denstock »

wobblybob wrote:Have you seen this, it worked on my box/card
useful tutorial
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