Why do Windows users get such a bad rap?

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Re: Why do Windows users get such a bad rap?

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Baby Duck Syndrome :lol:
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Re: Why do Windows users get such a bad rap?

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Diekan wrote:I can think of many reasons why Windows users get a bad rap.

First - they can be lazy. They know there is an alternative out there that will free them of viruses, malware, security breaches, and from the wallet draining software applications they are enslaved to. But, they won't take the time to research - they just know that someone told them that Linux was hard... why bother to do any actual research on your own?? Why are Linux users superior in this regard? Because the majority of today's computers do not ship with Linux. It has to be INSTALLED by the end user. This requires some work. It requires the end user to actually visit a Linux site, whether it be Ubuntu, Mint, Gentoo, whatever. Then it requires them to download (in 99% of the cases) to ISO - then BURN the ISO to a disk, then install the OS. Ergo, where most Windows users can't tell you the difference between a hard drive and a mouse - who think BIOS was a science class in college - the Linux user actually has some semblence of a clue. They have to get the blasted OS installed.

Secondly - they support a truly evil company. This [MS] was founded by who is essentially a theif. He stole ideas from Jobs and Xerox. He didn't whip Windows up on his own. The company as a whole is trash. They have oursourced thousands of jobs for no other reason than to gain a few points on their stock price. They have strong armed hardware manufacturers. They have tried to play the Justice system over and over. Yet, people still blindly support them. Windows users are like Walmart shoppers. Walmart is one of the worst violators of worker and civil rights in the WORLD. Yet, people still flood their stores day and night. They simply don't care that the employees are being forced to use welfare to survive while they're raking in BILLIONS in profit. Microsoft is no different. Destroying lives and corrupting the system for their gain. And, people still give them money - they don't care who is being hurt. They don't care that technology is being held back due to lack of genuine competition. As long as they can get Yahoo messenger can each other asshats - they're happy little sheep. Typical Windows user.

And no there is no excuse for the Windows users' technological stupidity. We live in a world where computers rule practically every aspect, every element of our lives and the VAST majority of the Microsoft Sheep can't spell CPU let alone know what it does. There is no excuse.

Third - they spend thousands of dollars years after year for software products that they have no idea what they're really getting. They could be buying NT 4.0 with new bells and whistles for all they know. Again, they don't care. As long as they can look up the winner on last season's American Idol.

Are Linux users superior (technologically speaking)? You're damn right they are. They refuse to support the quintisential evil empire of a company. They have the IQ to install their own OS and reach out for help as needed. They are savvy in saving thousands of dollars by looking for the open source alternative.
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Re: Why do Windows users get such a bad rap?

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This topic has run its course it seems.


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