[SOLVED] Buy a replacement Intel wifi card for my Broadcom?

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[SOLVED] Buy a replacement Intel wifi card for my Broadcom?

Postby MrD » Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:15 pm

My five year old Dell Inspiron 1520 just keeps going. I've upgraded it (cpu/ram/hdd), replaced the screen bulb when it blew, the keyboard twice and I'm just about to solder a new power connector onto the motherboard (it's a bit loose) and I'm now thinking about a long term 'issue' with Ubuntu, the Broadcom wifi card.

Since they're only £3 secondhand on ebay, is now a good time to just get one and fit it to avoid the headache fresh installing because of the broadcom one?

EDIT: In case anyone reads this in the future, I've bought and fitted the Intel card and it made the headaches go away. imho a good £3 spent for the future. This morning I had to reinstall my laptop and it grieved me, then when I had it all done the postman delivered the replacement card (sigh) At the moment, going in Package Manager, installing the B43 installer then having to install Nautilus and sudo'ing into the etc/modprobe_d folder and editing the blacklist.conf file, putting a "#" mark at the beginning of the Broadcom BM43xx line and then saving it was a long reading session and mess about.
Dell Inspiron 1520 - T6570 2.1ghz C2D, 4 gigs ram, integrated Intel 965 GPU, Intel replacement wifi card.

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