Hostile GRUB update overwrites BURG installation & settings

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Hostile GRUB update overwrites BURG installation & settings

Postby .William. » Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:05 pm

The GRUB update that came in through Mint update manager this last weekend has overwritten my installation of BURG. I was not asked for permission at any stage. I received no warnings. Why doesn't the Mint team overlooking this update think of alternative boot-managers ?

:arrow: And why does the GRUB update also overwrite the old GRUB settings that I changed in the past ? My choice is to have Windows as default O.S.-boot, not Linux Mint. I have good reasons why I want this. And it should be my freedom to do so. After updates to GRUB I am left with Linux Mint as default O.S.-boot. At the least the updating process should include an interactive question to which O.S. I would like my PC to boot by default. But rather I think it's none of the business of an update to change anything which was changed before by choice. That kind of thing I would expect from Microsoft.

I am assuming that Linux Mint at the least condones the change to boot Mint by default since it has the option to withhold an update that doesn't comply to it's product philosophy.
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