Remember Remastersys? They rock!

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Remember Remastersys? They rock!

Postby lizbeth » Sat Oct 20, 2012 11:52 am

In case you've forgotten or didn't know: It allows you to create an iso of your linux install that can be used to reinstall your system or install it new on another system.

Why do you care? Because there is an option to SAVE ALL YOUR USER PREFERENCES on the iso. I tried this and it really works!

The plus side is they have files available in the remastersys forum for debian wheezy. ie LMDE is built on debian wheezy. No, it's not an official release yet but it does work well. You just join the forum and look for the topic "Remastersys 3.0.0 for debian wheezy needs testing" then agree to offer feedback on your experience. You need to down load three files: remastersys, remastersys-gui, and yad. Yad has both a 386 and 64 bit version.

This is great if you want to share your custom build or just back it up in case you break it. (like i do break mine often)

Remastersys has automatic built-in support for multi-core processors and will use them all. Also for the debian version it comes with its own usb writer program.

Things I noticed when I used it: Have no open windows when running the program. My iso ended up being 2,4 gigs and took less than 15 minutes on a quad core amd laptop with 6 gigs ram. There is a 4 gig limit on the size of the iso which is explained on the forum. I am using Cinnamon with LMDE but when the live disk booted, it booted into gnome3 ~ Cinnamon is a fork of gnome 3 and as yet it can't tell the difference. If Clem and others would like to work with them on this issue, they are willing to help resolve it ~ something to do with the /dev files they said. After the install, I signed into Cinnamon and all my preferences were exactly as I had them setup on my desktop. WOOT!

During the install process remastersys asks for separate password for root and user and they can't match. I asked about this and they refuse to change it. So if you want them to match, make your root what you want it to be and make up something for user and after install, change it to match root. Also user will not by default have sudo user privileges. I had to change my user in user setup from standard to administrator and then reboot to get sudo user privileges. I have not yet heard back from them on this issue yet as I just reported it before coming here to write this. One last thing on the usb image writer that comes with it. It does not reject a usb drive for being too small nor is there a way to stop the writer once it starts writing, not even through the system monitor kill option. I mentioned this and they said they will see what they can do for the final release. I deliberately tried to write my 2.4 gig iso to a 2 gig usb just to see what would happen. :mrgreen: It froze at 84% and I had to reboot. When I tried again with an 8 gig usb drive it sped right along. :)

This is still such a great time saving program and they really deserve some kudos for doing this and some cha-ching as well. I spent all this week working on an issue and broke my system numerous times and had to start over from scratch, then I remember remastersys! I wonder if the are still doing their thing and they sure are! Just in time too. Esp since LMDE has 1200 files to update after an install and takes forever to update. I wreaked havoc this week on Clems bandwith. But no more! Thank to REMASTERSYS. Hey Clem, you should be endorsing this program.... put it in the repos or something or advertise for them.

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