BIOS upgrade with relation to audio "error"

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BIOS upgrade with relation to audio "error"

Postby MrD » Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:36 am

This is going to be an unusual question I believe. I'm hoping someone might have an answer to it amongst the old timers.

My Laptops motherboard (Dell Inspiron 1520) got damaged and won't charge the battery so I bought a second hand motherboard from the same model and just fitted it. It's not just the motherboard I replaced though. Basically the seller sent the bottom plastics with everything in the base, including speakers, cpu fan, express port, wifi catcher switch.

On my old system, the first thing I did with it was upgrade the BIOS to the latest version as that seemed sensible. I went from A02 to A09. The motherboard I just popped in has the old A02. Now, I never got to notice any differences with the upgrade of BIOS as I never checked the features out before upgrading. I don't know if this is a BIOS issue or the hardware I initially had (from new)

When my audio goes up high volume, all the OS's I've installed on it over the years make the laptop seize up for a while. I have to struggle to knock the volume down, but I've found if I stick headphones in the jack then instantly I regain control of the OS to turn the volume down to manageable levels and then I can unplug the headphones and carry on as normal.

On changing the hardware, this issue is no longer present. At this point, is there any benefit to upgrading the BIOS or could the audio error return? It all seems to be working normally, although my CPU and the GPU is being listed under different names, but LM13 system information appears to list everything and operating normally. T6570 core 2 duo CPU, onboard Intel 954GM GPU, 2x2gig RAM. I don't know here if my original hardware had a fault, a short, or something, or if the BIOS upgrade had something to do with it, and as I understand, you cannot downgrade a BIOS if it is a 'bad' one?

Probability wise, should I lay off upgrading the BIOS, and would we have a best guess as to why that audio related seizing up was occurring?
Dell Inspiron 1520 - T6570 2.1ghz C2D, 4 gigs ram, integrated Intel 965 GPU, Intel replacement wifi card.

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