I'm about to quit Linux

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Re: I'm about to quit Linux

Post by DrHu » Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:46 pm

phidias81 wrote:I'm not a programmer, but I don't consider myself even abeginner, so if I have all of these problems, I can't imagine an average user
There isn't much a typical user can do about it, if the machine they use turns out to be one of the difficult or unsupported ones (drivers/hardware or OS support (Kernel etc..))

The number of average users with average hardware that are able to use Linux as their main OS is many
--it all depends on how much info a user gets before making a plunge; so avoiding any difficult PCs (latest hardware or integrarted video cards, such as Intel HD) and such will help enormously

As well one could check the status of working product lines by either going to info sites or specific forum distributions, such as Ubuntu or Arch (for good technical explanations and useful information) or some others..

--I like Emporer Linux, since they tell you waht they do to make Linux work on a system they supply (notebook(s)), but they tend to be expensive as compared to System76 (but I would say better at the job!)
And so on

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Re: I'm about to quit Linux

Post by roth » Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:23 am

My sympathy! Hostile 'experts' are really a problem for the community. I found solutions by researching the hardware components. My BIOS needed a custom ROM and my Nvidia card needs to be built with DKMS. Also, I was amazed that -in linux mint- my acer buttons worked automatically. I searched the mint forums and immediately found references to the package 'acerbuttons'.

All this software was created in response to the need of the people. I invite you to share complete details of your hardware. Research how to use commands like lshw and lspci. Learn how to write the output to a text file. When creating posts in a forum, use the convenient buttons to format your code/lists.

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01. LineFirst = x
02. LineSecond = y
I promise that the majority of participants are sincere and generous. we will help.

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Re: I'm about to quit Linux

Post by Nilla Wafer » Fri Oct 04, 2013 8:27 am

So much of Linux is temperamental when it comes to different hardware! Lubuntu totally throws my computer into graphical chaos, yet Xubuntu is trouble-free. Same kernel, same gtk foundation supposedly, yet one goes haywire and the other performs perfectly. Linux Mint Xfce 13 performs even betteron this machine than Xubuntu.

PCLinuxOS LXDE version performs wonderfully on it, but adding Xfce slowed it to a crawl and disabled some applications (including Firefox!).

So why does LXDE work great for me in PCLinuxOS but not in Ubuntu? Why does Xfce work great in Ubuntu but not in PCLinuxOS on the same computer?

I haven't any idea, just trial and error. I can understand why some users just throw their hands up and walk away.


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Re: I'm about to quit Linux

Post by nascar64 » Fri Oct 04, 2013 9:24 am

Wow you talk about Linux to be ''temperamental'' i love Linux even do i got windows 7 on a separate 128 gig SSD and windows 8 on a I3-3.2 what a shame to do that Os but going to linux ,i installed Linux mint ''Olivia'' cinnamon fell in love with Linux mint 'That is it i don't need any more trying different Linux it work good ,it look's good,work good with my Amd graphic HD 6850 work perfect then come around Zorin Ultimate 7 JUST Got to have it so Installed Zorin Wow it work perfect too but then want Linux mint Olivia 15 cinnamon again that's My preferred by far but no way it won't installed any more(Work perfect when running of cd graphics and all no matter which One i try) ,the Graphics card kept getting blue screen ,black screen it just won't install again to run good and can get to run but all kinds of trouble even try the other like Mate it just does not work any more all graphics trouble but yet installed back Zorin ultimate 7 about 4 times now and it works great so made Zorin look like Linux mint cinnamon with even the booting look like linux mint but when i get '' tired of Zorin still try to installed Olivia but no go and try even different Linux mint and no go, always seem some kind of trouble just to tell you ''How Temperamental Is Linux" but still love it.Ray

I7 2600k at 4200
Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
Amd HD raden 6850
16 gig ram gskill
750 Pu Thermaltake
1T hard drive with LINUX MINT15 kde but made a Cinnamon 2.01 with it and love it ( could not install any of the other version)
windows 7 on a SSd 128gig

8 gig Gskill
Nvidia GEForce Gt 520
650 Pu
1-500gig hard drive with Fedora 21. Beta- Pinguy 13.04--OS4. 1304.-Xubuntu 13.10 Beta.-Linux mint Olivia Cinnamon( working great here)
1- 128 SSD with windows 8.1( what A SHAME)
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Re: I'm about to quit Linux

Post by hellfire695 » Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:16 am

Dells are like that, mine used to be a real bastard to get the wirel;ss card going. on the other my new lenovo works like a top with linux. are you using a ati graphics card?

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Re: I'm about to quit Linux

Post by ben2talk » Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:02 am

I must say - even with a simple Gigabyte/i3 setup there are hardware issues (sound sucks - 2 channels only compared to 5.1/7.1 in Windows) - but I still can't make the switch.... Just a few right clicks on Windows 7 has me scrambling for the reboot switch!!!

Damn I hate Linux, but I hate Windows MORE!!!!

Apparently it's looking promising - using XEN VGA pass through ..... No more Virtualbox! No more need to shutdown server n reboot Win7 for a reliable iPhone restore/sync!!!!!

Juz another year brings 3 years advancement. Screw graphics, i3 4130 has more than enuff for two FHD monitors ;)

Not so cool with older hardware.... After 7 years I finally dumped the core2duo cos the upgrade was soooooo cheap and uses about half the wattage.

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