Five reasons for what I'm leaving Linux Mint

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Re: Five reasons for what I'm leaving Linux Mint

Postby lexon » Tue Aug 20, 2013 5:31 pm

Lately running Mint is like owning a FIAT which I have. Fix It Again Tony.
A Ford which I have owned. Fix Or Repair Daily.

Lindows, Linspire, Freespire, Ubuntu, Mint 15 Cinnamon, Mint 16 XFCE, Mint 17 Cinnamon 64 bit.

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Re: Five reasons for what I'm leaving Linux Mint

Postby Incentive I.C » Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:46 pm

lexon wrote:I will be buying a All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop that runs Android. I have used Android on a seven inch model and I like it.
Mint is very slowly going downhill. Kind of started with 13 I believe. 14 abd 15 No longer sees a SD media card in a reader. Office is a little slower. Firefox is slower. Yahoo email takes about fourteen seconds to respond if I have not been in it for a while. I could go on but no point. Mint 6, 9 and even 11 where quite good.
With 15, no way that I can see to easily add an Icon in the bottom panel to start Office and Gimp. Use to be easy.
With the decline in desktops and laptops, I see Mint and maybe Linux becoming irrelevant in the future.
Linux has served me well since Dec, 2003 but time to move on. Yse, I know, Android is based on Linux.

I will keep Mint as a backup and I have a Vista laptop to backup the Mint.


Maybe your hardware is old and not compataible with the new Mint? Firefox is slow in Mint i will say that but Andriod Desktop IDK about all that. I have a little Andriod phone and I could never really get anything done on an OS like that other than enertainment and email. I see Linux in the furture becoming quite popular in the furture. Its a pretty good and easily editable kernel expecially for andriod. A few tweaks with it could be the difference between a extra 2 hours of battery life in andriod.

By the way stick with LTS they are alot more stable.
The best way to learn from it is break it OS's (is there a plural for OS?) included.

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