Has anyone any experience of this type of activity?

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Has anyone any experience of this type of activity?

Postby stephania » Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:08 am

Hello, I’m a student in Madrid but have just taken a sabatico year on a curso de ingles en Nueva York – I loved every minute and am now so confident with my English, I am hoping to get a job in the UK! I enjoyed American life but the truth is that it is too far from my native Spain (and my beautiful cat Gato). I’d also, after this experience, love to study German as like English I think I would benefit greatly professionally. But rather than forget the English completely, I may actually do the German course in an English speaking place – a sprachaufenthalte cork for example! Has anyone any experience of this type of activity? I don’t know whether it would get a little too confusing (a Spanish person studying German in Ireland!) but I am scared to lose my level of English and I can’t see any other way…Tips would be greatly welcome, I am very ambitious for all language learning aspects!
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I remember reading this exact same post in another forum a few years ago. It reeks of a Nigerian scam.
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