Wikileaks primary web server

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Wikileaks primary web server

Postby Orbmiser » Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:56 pm

Wiki Leaks selling webserver

Condition: Used : Split the cost with friends

Seller Notes: “This is indeed the physical web server from which the leaked cablegate material was released, complete with hard drives, motherboard and everything! It can be plugged in and used immediately. We ourselves put it on a pedestal and displayed it as a museum item in our underground Thule Brunkow Ridge data center in central Stockholm, as a symbol for our values as a hoster and ISP.Note: The physical server is owned by Bahnhof. Wikileaks rented the server as part of a hosting contract. It was never used for any other client than Wikileaks.* For closer specification, see the page of the eBay auction. All hardware is original, including the hard disks. Those have however been erased according to the U.S. specification DoD 5220.22-M where every byte of the hard disk is overwritten several times. The original information cannot be recreated, not even by NSA.”

Yep grab why it's Hot! at 71 Bids current Bid: $16,800 :P

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