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Funny tech support stories

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I'm sure everyone here has a funny tech support story. Everyone has to call their ISP, once in a while, or perhaps their server provider for a dot com, or game server. I love reading them. I'll start.

So while setting up the website for my distro, I realized that my server had outdated php, which made installing mediawiki impossible, and also that there was no ssh support.
So I call in to the provider and am greeted by a very friendly young lady (I'm guessing mid 20s). I explained my problems and also asked what version of Debian the server is running on. She says "what's a debian?"
Stunned, I say "ma'am, it's the Linux distribution that the server is running off of, according to my server stats, but the version isn't listed. I was just curious" she says, "oh the servers are Linux?"
She had me wait for about 5 minutes. Then she came back on and explained that she talked with the server technicians, and that php was scheduled to be updated soon on all machines, but that they would not be supporting ssh. I thanked her, wished her a good day, and called the billing department to inform them of my decision to switch providers.
I understand that she may not be familiar with Linux, but what good is tech support, for a Linux server, if they don't know Linux? Furthermore, screw a server that doesn't support the things I need. Waiting for my subscription to end and then switching.

You guys have some funny, or maybe depressingly sad, stories? Please share. :D

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