Mental Issue - Remote connection in VM Ware -> host

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Mental Issue - Remote connection in VM Ware -> host

Postby jpedrosa » Wed Jul 16, 2008 1:12 pm

some of you will consider my test stupid, some will find it "not useful".

But the truth is that i had some spare time on my hands, during a small "coffee break" :lol: :roll:

So the test system:
1 laptop with Windows XP installed
VM Ware Installed
Virtual Machine with any distro, Mint for example.
Java Remote Desktop, running in the laptop and in the Virtual Machine.

so here goes the test:
execute JRD on the host machine.
run the JRD viewer in the Virtual Machine, and try to access to the laptop ip.

The result?
check it for yourself. :)
when you move the mouse to the VM Ware, as soon as the mouse gets the focus on the Virtual Machine & inside the viwer area...
It jumps to the correspondent coordinates ... in the host laptop :)

confused? try it.

what can cause this?
my guess is that Windows can only have 1 input device, when a machine is remotely accessed, the mouse must move, and this conflicts with the focus in the VM.

any idea?

i go and drink my coffee, time to stop the nonsense :)

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