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a Cloudy forecast

Postby mike acker » Mon Jul 07, 2014 8:30 am

I have a couple famly members wanting familiarization on MSFT/Access. They are force by their employers to work only with MSFT software. So, for the 95 bucks I scurried out to get the latest copy of MSFT/Access -- for their familiarization needs

to do it I was forced to accept a download. I could not find an offer to sell MSFT/Access 2013 as a DVD with an activation number

to get the download I had to create a MSFT Office account. this is the only way they will do the download.

the new product crows about their OneDrive and how you can access files from anyplace using any device. essentially forcing me to adopt their cloud :evil:

I did try running a sample table with the 'Net turned off and it worked OK indicating the data is stored on the local machine. someplace I think I noticed I have to intentionally store the file in their OneDrive if I want all their "Office" features ( access anyplace on any computer ) .

talk about a creepy feeling though: I have no idea what this software is actually doing.
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