I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

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I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

Post by Jedinovice »

OK, usually it is Windows that get the rap - and deservedly so. But I am an equal opportunities basher! Indeed, I spat upon Linux four years ago and that was because, back then I regarded Linux as not fit for purpose. Now it is. Anyway, I figured it was time for a change and time for a Mac rant! Bear with me. :D

Now, as Windows 8 has soured the user base people are looking for alternatives and, in time honoured tradition, they are ignoring Linux and going to spend even more money on Macs. I am a teacher in Indonesia and I get subcontracted out by my education centre sometimes and I am seeing schools junking their PC's for Macs. This last year the local schools have gone Mac!

Oh boy. Now, when I used the first MacOS n around 1990 (called the Mac classic) I was impressed! If something is good, I acknowledge it. I acknowledge that Microsoft got the UI right in Windows 95, for instance. I loved the Office suite, up to '97 then it really was just bloat. Ditto the Mac, at first it was sweet but, Macs are now as much a pain as Windows. Actually, worse in my opinion unless we count 8. So, what is wrong with the Mac?

1) Price. No such thing as a cheap Mac and never will be. But you get less for your money than in a PC.. They are slower and weaker when given comparable pricing with a PC. [To be fair, Macs are more reliable since the software and hardware are knit together but you pay...] Oh, and you pay what you do not need. Vast numbers of Mac users use their iMacs and the like for... Facebook, Skype and writing the occasional letter but they pay for systems that equal some srious video editing capacity! And ipads are near the same price for less functionality! Apple are laughing!
2) Price. This time for software. You pay a good 25 to 30% hike up for software behind the Windows curve. How lovely. The price you pay for the likes of Photoshop you could buy a cheap laptop and run Mint on it with GIMP installed.
3) The user interface stinks. I must expand this point:

. The UI is NOT intuitive! It has a hundred traps and weird methods for doing things.
. You cannot have multiple windows open to copy and paste to so you have to remember where you were and what you were doing shift files. My brain melted on that one. (I try and avoid using Macs so if there is a way feel free to tell me as I HAVE to use the damn things now at these schools!)
. Having a launch tray is all very well but it quickly gets cluttered, eats up desktop space and serves no function beyond desktop icons. But it does get to sit on your desktop and eat up clock cycles and RAM and look 'cool.'
. The trash can is a joke. Dragging files to a trash can makes some sense but the user is forced to drag every damn thing into the icon! There is no keyboard short for delete! Furthermore, there is no way to delete a single file!! Seriously. To really, truly delete files you have empty the trash. The whole trash. The lot. You cannot select individual files to delete or keep. Who came up with that one and why has it remained an issue since 1984?
. The UI provides no useful information. For instance, the maximise, minimise and close button in the Mac GUI are just different coloured dots. That's supposed to be a GUI? I have button above the text window I am typing in with B,I and U indicating bold, italic and underline. Apple would give me threedots marked purple, mauve and puce. And good luck on finding data on your drive space or hardware info. It's there but everything is hidden away so as not to scare the poor, easy frightened Mac user. Yeesh.
. You cannot change the screen colours, No really. There is not even a third party utility to handle the task. This might seem trivial since 90% of users stick with the OS defaults for fear of breaking something but screen colours have their place. I use slightly dark secondary colour so as to reduce eye strain. It helps. Black on white leads to screen glare. I won't mind if the MacOS was geared towards minimal hardware, as with LMDE but the Mac runs on high spec systems! You pay to have functionality not available to you? (Even the Atari ST had a load in utility to change screen colours and the OS was in ROM!)
. The GUI has not changed substantially since around 1994. I know, I was battling with Macs back then and hated the UI even then preferring Windows 3.x! Sure, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but the Mac has not developed properly. Revolutions are not smart in a UI (see Windows 8) but Apple seem to think their users are best stuck in a time warp with no improvements in usability. I mean, I remember everyone saying how bad 'System 7' was. So I now use MacOS 10 and, the interface has barely changed.
. You can't really maximise screen Windows. Not really.
. There is only one way to do things on a Mac and that is the slow, noddy way. Like dragging a file to the trashcan to delete. A keyboard shortcut for the more experienced user? Nope. The Mac is devoid of high speed methods of interaction. The Mac assumes the user is dumb at all times but does not provide a particularly intuitive system for them. (Proof: I can sit a user down in front of my KDE desktop and they will be flying with it instinctively. Put them in front of a Mac and it's training time.)
. I also think the desktop is ugly, frankly. Ok, that's personal taste but you can't CHANGE it if you don't like it. Even Windows allows for some customisation. Quite a bit actually. The Mac? Forget it.

But there's more!

4) Repairs. Forget it. Macs are famously overpriced. But also, you pay to be locked into a single supplier. So you pay a premium for everything but when something goes wrong - in terms of hardware - you're on your own! The number of outlets that are willing to repair Macs are tiny compared to PC's and the cost of any repair normally renders the exercise pointless. To run Macs you have to have deep pockets and be ready to replace and not repair.
5) The Mac is a closed system. I do not just mean the use of propitiatory code, I mean the machine historically speaking, has always been closed down to prevent third party suppliers, r, supplying. The original Macs used a unique Allen key system to prevent users ever opening the boxes up! They might install their own RAM!!! Generally speaking, the user has to go through Apple (at cost) to get anything done at all. And upgrades... yeah, well you pay a premium for those as well insofar as your Mac can be expanded. (To be fair, it's an issue for most laptop users now. The old tower system have faded into the background and we buy largely intergrated units these days. But can you find ANY Mac that allows you to upgrade the processor?)
6) To keep things closed and force their own standard, Apple make things hard for the user. Say, for instance, not allowing the user to write data to an NTFS device?! So the nice video I have created that I want to copy over for a friend CANNOT be written to a flash disk??!!!! Who signed off on that? And yet Mac users will tell me that Linux equals incompatibility?! Oh, add in Apple only connectors and USB sockets in weird, weird places where you cannot reach... BTW, it was Amstrad who first put the joystick in the keyboard guys...
6) Macs aside, Apple are not a nice company. Contrary to popular opinion, Apple are not the voice of freedom in the tyranny of Microsoft. During the 1980's and 90's Apple sued anyone and everyone who even hinted at a GUI for the PC. One of the reasons the GUI's for PC's in the 1980's were so weak was because if anyone started developing one they were off to the courts! Apple also have monopolistic tendencies shown through their closed system, price hikes and (almost) active discouragement of repair centres.


Rich Mac users. Now I have to be careful. A lot of Mac users are nice, kind people and an awful lot of them ARE technophobic which is why they choose Macs. [Also, Linux users, hostoricaly speaking, have been far, far worse. I acknowledge this having been bitten myself!] Because the hardware and software are 'as one' I will grant that instabilities, driver problems and incompatibilities are non-existent on a Mac. To those who fear computers the 'turn it on and it works' system of a Mac is worth some serious bucks. Fair enough and I do not begrudge said users for that and I respect them. Seriously.

But... I get the Mac users who flame me for using Linux, tell me the OS is broken and "I don't want to compile my software from source" (did I mention Macs being stuck in a time warp?) and laud the superiority of Macs to me forgetting that... Not all of us are filthy rich! You have to have SERIOUS cash to go Mac! It's like running a Limo. If you have to ask, "How much does the fuel cost?" you can't afford one. My wages in Indonesia are around 30% what they were in the UK. I don't regret that because the staples of life are cheaper are but tech costs far more in terms on income than in the US or UK. Here only the filthy rich ethnic Chinese have Macs! Now, I could go on and on about the advantages Linux gives me over a Mac but the thing that seems to slip past certain users is that any benefit to the user from the Mac is costing said user! The Mac user, almost by definition, thinks money is no object and does not comprehend that the rest of the world can look at the price/benefit and go, "Naw." I mean, I have met ONE Mac user to whom Photoshop was NOT regarded as an essential purchase - at a good $500! The idea that other image processing programs such as GIMP or Krita or whatever will do much the same job for, er, free, is... it's inconceivable to them.

So, I ask, what has the world or propitiatory software brought us? I grant, propitiatory S/W is needed and was needed to kick the market open. Sure! But after all the battles and money spent and R&D we have ended up with the MacOS (BSD with a duff UI over it) and Windows 8. The two OS companies are 'Go sue 'em, make it incompatible' Apple and Microsloth. This is what we paid bucks for in the 1990's?

I ask you. If I want a mess in Linux I can install any one man band system and a GUI I hate and not spend a penny. And when we do get a mess (GNOME 3 arguably) the community rush out and fix it, a la Mate and Cinnamon.

Rant off. Thank you for your time. Preparing to use Macs in two hours time and having to face the fact that the video cables will not fit into my netbook VGA socket if the Mac is temperamental... Sigh. (The schools' have taped the VGA connector to the Apple video connector so you cannot get access to the OHP video input.)
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Re: I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

Post by Pierre »

yeah - anything electrical / electronic is very expensive in most Asian countries.
- even here, those things cost more than in EU / US.
Please edit your original post title to include [SOLVED] - when your problem is solved!
and DO LOOK at those Unanswered Topics - - you may be able to answer some!.
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Re: I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

Post by ander111 »

For what it's worth, the reason so many schools have Macs is that Apple offers a major discount to educational institutions. They've done that ever since the early Mac days. So although it's a bit counterintuitive for most of us who've automatically thought "Mac = $$$", it's actually been cheaper for schools to buy Macs than PCs—and yes, even PCs running Linux.

I used to rant about this myself (just to my wife and son, I mean, not the general public) whenever we visited a school open house and passed a computer lab full of Macs. These days, though, so many kids bring their own portable devices to school, it doesn't seem to matter so much what kind of desktop computers are around. Also, I've always had Mint running on my son's and my PCs, and there have always been some Mac and Windows devices around the house which my wife needed for her consulting work (say what you will about proprietary, platform-specific software!), so our son has grown up being familiar with all three OS's. Sometimes you just have to stop complaining and take things into your own hands. :?)
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Re: I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

Post by exploder »

I can understand the rant about Macs. Everything about Apple is expensive! I remember when I first started using computers, my Dad took me to a software store. There was rows and rows of software for PCs. My Dad pointed at this little shelf and said there is the software for Apple. It was a no brainer, I never gave a thought to owning a Mac!

Apple makes nice looking products but are they really worth the high cost? My Daughter had to have a Macbook for college, it was a Mac campus... Her Macbook Pro cost over $2000.00! The first thing my Daughter did was bring me her Mac to install software on it. I liked the gestures the system used but it was not very useful with it's default software. Installing codecs and software was no more difficult than it is in Linux but I felt it should have came with much more for it's high cost!

My Daughter had to drive 60 miles to a Apple Store in Indianapolis to have the battery changed! She did not say how much it cost but I bet it cost a lot more than a battery for my HP laptop and I do not have to pay to have my battery installed!

When I worked in IT years ago I made a very good living. I built new computers fairly often and passed down parts to my Wife and kid's computers. I went to computer fairs and got most of my parts, it was a fun hobby! This was back in the day when a cheap PC cost around $2000.00, I could build my own for around $250.00. These days money is tight and there are no more computer fairs... I look for deals at a large electronics outlet in Indianapolis. I still build my own computers and I do not spend much on them. Many of the components in the computers I have are recycled and bought used on-line.

I discovered Linux when my IT job ended because the factory closed down. I could no longer afford to build new computers whenever I wanted, I needed to make them last. My first Linux computer was built completely out of other peoples junk parts. I had to recycle an old Gateway case, I had to cut the back of the case to get a power supply to fit and I had to change the wiring for the switches to work. My graphics card was a really old S3 with 2 MB of RAM. You get the idea.

I installed a very early version of Simply Mepis on the Frankenstein machine and I was in business! If I remember right that PC cost me less than $20.00 and it served me well for a long time. I could not have accomplished all this if I had been hooked on Apple! I learned a great deal from the whole experience. I learned that I did not really need powerful hardware to run Linux. I did not have to spend money to have good software. I learned to use software like Gimp to do things I never thought I could do.

My current desktop is build from recycled parts and it looks just as nice as anything Apple sells. I recycled a fairly new HP glossy black case that the motherboard had failed. The motherboard is from a Compaq workstation that had a busted up case. The drives are all from broken PCs as well as the fans. The keyboard and mouse were bought used on ebay. The only parts I bought new was a 25" HP monitor and 2 sticks of DDR2 RAM for a total of 4 GB. A monitor will usually last through a few systems so it was a good investment. I bought the RAM new because I did not have any 2 GB strips and I got it on sale pretty cheap.

My laptop came from a pawn shop, it was only a matter of months old. I bought the laptop for $130.00, it has 8 GB of DDR3, 320 GB SATA hard drive, AMD duel core processor, etc. Laptops are throw away devises for the most part and I can't see investing a lot in one. I have spare parts from 2 broken HP laptops too that I can use, extra batteries, hard drives, network adapters, etc. My Wife has gone thew 3 laptops in a few years time!

Had I gone with Apple one computer would have cost me more than all 4 of my recycled machines! Even used Apple products are ridiculously priced, you would think they were made out of gold! Had i moved to Apple I never would have learned how to do things for myself. In my opinion Apple products are more of a status symbol than a practical solution. No matter how bad the economy gets I know I will always have a computer and software to run.

I can have my operating system as heavy or as light as I need it. I can have my OS look any way I want it and am only limited by my imagination. I am not tied into anything and can make my own choices. Apple has been referred to as a caged garden and that is a pretty accurate description. Everything Apple is proprietary and expensive. Apple has sweat shops in China, we have all read about this. Apple like to sue everybody just like Microsoft. No one is working in a sweat shop because of me or being forced to work long hours for my software!

I can not understand why more schools, governments, businesses do not move to Linux. I know where I work they are locked into Microsoft because of the programs that run the machines. They just do not have the talent available to write new programs. Schools are another story though, kid's could learn so much more going with open source and hardware could have a much longer useful life.

Some people are afraid of Linux because it is free. They feel that they have to spend money to have value. Apple and Microsoft practically give away their products to schools to get their hooks into people. I do not hate Apple but like Microsoft, I do not like their business practices and unethical behavior. I am also not trying to insult anyone that uses Apple or Microsoft products but I do feel strongly about the way they conduct themselves. If you want to spend a lot of money to do the same things I can do at a fraction of the cost that is your business.
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Re: I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

Post by nathanjh13 »

I'd have a Chromebook Pixel over any Mac. See where Chromebooks are Vs Macs in years to come.
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Re: I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

Post by ander111 »

Why bother ranting about Apple, though? Just install Mint, add Cairo-Dock, and enjoy!

Re: I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

Post by /dev/urandom »

Why would anyone want to have a less-than-impractical dock thingy when they can have a full-featured taskbar instead?
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Re: I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

Post by wanderer7 »

Good post, Jedinovice! :D
Sometimes I just wonder, what Apple would have done, if FreeBSD had been licensed under GNU GPL or some other copyleft license. :lol:
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Re: I hate Apple (&) Macs! A one time rant.

Post by zippytex »

Okay! I have been trying to get my macbook 2008 with os 10.7.5 to dual boot with Linux mint 17, but with not much luck.

I am new to mac and got a good deal on ebay, but I like Linux better, but mac's program have more variety. Wine does provide some windows programs access to Linux. Windows I don't like at all except for 1 or 2 programs.

I like the solid feel of the macbook. I will format the hard drive with gparted live disk and install lm17. If I can't make it work for me, word processing, genealogy, word wizard deluxe, etc., I can always install mac again.

I do learn more with Linux. With windows and mac, I just do what I am told.

Thanks for expressing your thoughts.
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