DirectX vs.OpenGL

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DirectX vs.OpenGL

Postby brightstar » Mon Nov 24, 2008 1:53 am

Which graphic library is better?

Some people tell, that M$-products are better, because of finance.
Some people tell, that DirectX is worse, than OpenGL and nowdays.

But, let's see.

We also know, that gamers with each day prefer to play on console (Xbox, Playstation), not on PC.
And what graphic library use PS? Xbox use DirectX ( Xbox - is a product os M$, and of course use its technologies ), and in Visual Studio, you can compile your game-projects for Zune/Xbox/PC.

And also, there 3D technologies in Web-Browser gaming.
The first was Adobe, who show their prouct Adobe 3D.
And soon "Silverlight 3" will be able also for 3D graphic in browser.

For example:
You must have flash player (the last version), and try it run in IE or FF (or use plugin IEtab in FF).
And you will see 3D in your browser.

And it's intersting will be browser-gaming such cool soon?

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Re: DirectX vs.OpenGL

Postby Husse » Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:02 am

Short answer
As long as Windows is so dominating as it is games will be developed for DirectX primarily
DirectX is a proprietary solution and can only be used in Windows while the opposite is true about OpenGL
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Re: DirectX vs.OpenGL

Postby N1ckR » Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:21 pm

From a gaming perspective, you can do no better than reading about what John Carmack has said on the subject in the past, especially as he is very platform/technology agnostic.

Also have a look at : ... ,2019.html - its a bit sensationalised but gives decent overview of Direct X V OGL history.

JC's comments on the early version of Direct X were that it was a waste of development time and horribly broken and inflicts great pain !
By Direct X 9 John Carmack had a slight preference it over OGL due to better interfaces, evidence of this is that John Carmack now uses Direct X for Xbox 360 as his primary development platform. ... .15034.htm

JC considers direct X 9 a good API (particularly he considers the D3D interface pretty clean).

and ... htm?Page=1

Microsoft has done a great job with all this stuff. I mean, I honestly think that DX9 with how it’s implemented on the 360 is a clearer and more open API than OpenGL is. It doesn’t hide the state.

JC' choice of sticking with Direct X 9 over direct X 10 is to do with wanting to support XP.

Cheers, Nick.

PS Sorry for the lack of direct quotes but I am remembering most of this out of my head.

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