Can you help to keep a mirror alive?

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Can you help to keep a mirror alive?

Post by ralphy » Wed Oct 25, 2017 1:25 am

Hi all,

I've created a GoFundMe campaign asking fellows to help me keep a Linux mirror alive. The servers are only 5 days away from being shutdown, so I wanted to post and make others aware. I'm asking for financial help and asking for money is hard. I don't feel comfortable doing so. Please, if you can contribute just do. And if you can't it is fine too. I'm quoting the GoFundMe post below:

I love open source software and for the last two years I've ran Linux mirrors to support Linux Mint and Linux Lite more recently. After little over over two years of running these services, I find myself in a situation where I cannot afford to pay the bill for the seven (7) servers I rent to distribute packages for the masses, hence I've decided to open this campaign to keep the services alive (hopefully with your kind donation) while I get back on my feet. I live in South Florida and we were recently impacted by Irma. Personal finances, medical bills and life in general have me in a position where I cannot simply pay the bill as usual this month.

The Anycast mirror servers can be found at; they were first launched on September 2, 2015. They will continue to run until the end of this month which is when payment will be due.

I do not want to let the mirror die. I have put time, efforts and money into making sure the mirror is there for the benefit of many for the last two years. If you are a Linux supporter, I kindly ask you to help out to keep it alive.

I'm a single individual and I do not represent any of these two open source Linux distributions. 100% of the donations received will be dedicated to pay for the servers. I just need a little help to make that happen because I'm in a tough financial position right now.

All the best!

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