The future of the PC OS ?

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Re: The future of the PC OS ?

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My take is that MS is a lot like Kodak was 25 years ago: still a huge company, lots of money coming in, but the writing was on the wall. It will be replaced with something better. My heart says Linux but my money insists on google.
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Re: The future of the PC OS ?

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MS appears to be focussing on tablets. I know there is a "Desktop Mode" but it's not on by default; maybe it is on editions other than Home? I don't know. Since these devices have limited practicality other than entertainment it seems likely that there will be more uptake of other OSs including Linux on PCs and laptops.

Google is likely to gain a significant proportion of the users moving away from Windows but that isn't new.

Just my 2p worth.
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Re: The future of the PC OS ?

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Whatever one might think about Microsoft and its products, this one looks like a cool, nice productivity enhancing feature instead of arranging and rearranging windows and workspaces.
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